Autonomous Vehicle Integration for a Ride-Sharing Company

Our client, a prominent ride-sharing company operating in Saudi Arabia, recognized the potential of autonomous vehicles to transform the future of transportation. However, they faced the challenge of effectively integrating autonomous vehicles into their existing operations while ensuring safety and regulatory…

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Ferry Transportation System Development

Our client, a coastal city in Saudi Arabia, faced challenges related to transportation options and connectivity with neighboring areas. The city sought to enhance its transportation network while promoting tourism and reducing road congestion. Eurogroup Consulting was engaged to develop and…

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Airport Connectivity Enhancement

Our client, a prominent international airport in Saudi Arabia, faced challenges related to connectivity and passenger experience. Despite being a major transportation hub, the airport struggled to provide efficient connectivity to and from the city center, which impacted passenger convenience and…

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Smart Parking Solutions for a Metropolitan Area

Our client, a sprawling metropolitan area in Saudi Arabia, grappled with severe parking challenges. Congestion, a lack of available parking spaces, and inefficient parking management were causing frustration among residents and hampering the city’s growth. Eurogroup Consulting was engaged to implement…

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Public Transport Revitalization for a Major City

Our client, a bustling major city in Saudi Arabia, grappled with an overburdened and inefficient public transportation system. The city faced challenges such as overcrowded buses, inconsistent service quality, and low ridership due to these issues. Eurogroup Consulting was enlisted to…

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Urban Mobility Strategy for a Smart City Initiative

Our client, a forward-thinking city administration in Saudi Arabia, embarked on a Smart City initiative aimed at enhancing urban mobility. However, they faced the challenge of developing a comprehensive and efficient urban mobility strategy tailored to their unique needs and objectives….

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