Public Transport Revitalization for a Major City


Our client, a bustling major city in Saudi Arabia, grappled with an overburdened and inefficient public transportation system. The city faced challenges such as overcrowded buses, inconsistent service quality, and low ridership due to these issues.


Eurogroup Consulting was enlisted to revitalize the city’s public transportation system, making it a more attractive and sustainable option for commuters.


We initiated the project by conducting a comprehensive assessment of the existing public transportation infrastructure and operations. This involved collecting data on routes, schedules, fleet management, and passenger feedback. Based on our findings, we developed a multifaceted strategy to address these challenges:

  • Fleet Modernization: We recommended upgrading the public transport fleet with new, energy-efficient vehicles that offered improved passenger comfort and safety.

  • Route Optimization: To enhance efficiency, we undertook a thorough analysis of existing routes and schedules, proposing adjustments to reduce congestion and improve service frequency.

  • Digital Ticketing and Real-Time Updates: Implementing a modern digital ticketing system and providing real-time updates on bus locations allowed for a more convenient and user-friendly experience for passengers.

  • Customer Experience Enhancement: We focused on improving the overall passenger experience through measures such as cleaner and safer bus stops, better communication channels for addressing customer concerns, and promoting public transport as a sustainable and cost-effective choice.


Our recommendations emphasized phased implementation to minimize disruptions to the existing transportation system. We also advised the city to collaborate with local stakeholders, including residents and businesses, to ensure the successful adoption of the revitalized public transport system.

Engagement ROI

The implementation of our strategy resulted in a remarkable transformation of the city’s public transportation system. Commuters experienced reduced wait times, increased reliability, and a more comfortable and convenient travel experience. Ridership numbers saw a significant boost, reducing traffic congestion and air pollution. Additionally, the improved public transport system contributed to the city’s overall sustainability goals, positioning it as a model for efficient urban mobility in Saudi Arabia.