Ferry Transportation System Development


Our client, a coastal city in Saudi Arabia, faced challenges related to transportation options and connectivity with neighboring areas. The city sought to enhance its transportation network while promoting tourism and reducing road congestion.


Eurogroup Consulting was engaged to develop and implement a modern ferry transportation system to address these challenges.


We initiated the project by conducting an extensive analysis of the city’s coastal infrastructure, existing transportation services, and potential demand for ferry transportation. Our approach included the following key components:

  • Route Planning: We identified strategic routes connecting the city’s coastal areas with nearby destinations, taking into consideration tourist attractions, commuter needs, and economic viability.

  • Vessel Procurement: We assisted in the procurement of suitable ferry vessels, ensuring they met safety, capacity, and environmental standards.

  • Ticketing and Booking Platform: We developed an online ticketing and booking platform, allowing passengers to easily reserve and purchase ferry tickets in advance.

  • Infrastructure Development: We recommended the construction of modern ferry terminals equipped with passenger amenities, parking facilities, and efficient boarding processes.


Our recommendations included a phased launch of ferry services, starting with a pilot route to gauge demand and operational efficiency. We also proposed marketing campaigns to promote the new transportation option to both residents and tourists.

Engagement ROI

The implementation of the ferry transportation system had a transformative impact on the city. Residents and visitors gained a convenient and scenic mode of transportation, reducing road congestion and commuting time. Tourism flourished as visitors embraced the opportunity to explore coastal attractions more easily. Additionally, the city’s economy benefited from increased tourist spending and reduced environmental impact, as more travelers opted for eco-friendly ferry transportation. The project represented a significant step toward sustainable urban mobility and enhanced connectivity in the coastal region of Saudi Arabia.