Electrifying Saudi: EV and Smart Mobility Trends for 2024

H1 2024: Pioneering Electric Vehicles and Smart Mobility Solutions

As the world advances toward a more sustainable and technologically driven future, Saudi Arabia is at the forefront of this transformation, particularly in the realms of electric vehicles (EVs) and smart mobility solutions. In this article, we delve into the increasing adoption of EVs and the development of smart mobility solutions, highlighting the Saudi Mobility & Automotive Trends Q1 & Q2 2024.

Increasing Adoption of Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are no longer a distant dream but a burgeoning reality in Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom’s Vision 2030, which aims to diversify the economy and reduce its dependence on oil, has set the stage for significant advancements in EV adoption. The government’s commitment to sustainability is evident in the numerous incentives and policies designed to promote EVs, including tax reductions, subsidies, and the development of charging infrastructure.

In the first half of 2024, we expect to see a marked increase in the number of EVs on Saudi roads. This surge is driven by several factors:

  1. Government Support: The Saudi government continues to play a pivotal role in encouraging EV adoption through favorable policies and substantial investments in infrastructure. The ongoing development of an extensive network of EV charging stations across major cities is a testament to this commitment.
  2. Consumer Awareness: There is a growing awareness among Saudi consumers about the environmental benefits and long-term cost savings associated with EVs. Educational campaigns and increased media coverage have significantly contributed to this shift in consumer perception.
  3. Automaker Initiatives: Leading global and local automakers are launching new EV models tailored to the Saudi market. These vehicles are equipped with advanced features, extended ranges, and competitive pricing, making them an attractive option for consumers.

Development of Smart Mobility Solutions

Alongside the rise of electric vehicles, smart mobility solutions are gaining traction in Saudi Arabia. These solutions encompass a range of technologies and services designed to enhance transportation efficiency, safety, and convenience. Key components of smart mobility include connected vehicles, autonomous driving, and integrated mobility platforms.

The first two quarters of 2024 will witness significant developments in smart mobility, driven by several key trends:

  1. Connected Vehicles: The integration of advanced connectivity features in vehicles is transforming the driving experience. Connected vehicles can communicate with each other and with infrastructure, leading to improved traffic management, reduced congestion, and enhanced safety. In Saudi Arabia, we are seeing increased investment in the necessary infrastructure to support connected vehicle ecosystems.
  2. Autonomous Driving: While fully autonomous vehicles are still in the testing phase, there are notable advancements in autonomous driving technologies. Semi-autonomous features, such as adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist, are becoming more common in new vehicle models. These technologies are paving the way for the eventual deployment of fully autonomous vehicles on Saudi roads.
  3. Integrated Mobility Platforms: The concept of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) is gaining popularity. MaaS platforms integrate various modes of transportation, including public transit, ride-sharing, and micro-mobility options, into a single user-friendly app. This approach offers seamless and efficient travel experiences, reducing the reliance on private car ownership.


The landscape of Saudi mobility and automotive trends for Q1 and Q2 of 2024 is characterized by the increasing adoption of electric vehicles and the development of smart mobility solutions. As the Kingdom continues to prioritize sustainability and technological advancement, these trends are set to transform the way people travel and interact with their urban environments. 

For businesses and stakeholders in the automotive sector, staying ahead of these trends is crucial to capitalizing on the opportunities they present. By leveraging the latest advancements in EVs and smart mobility, Saudi Arabia is well-positioned to lead the way in creating a more sustainable and connected future. 

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